This conference aims to bring together scholars working on any aspect of geographical and/or social mobility, linguistic variability and changing literacies in modern times. This three-day conference offers a forum for researchers working in the fields of (historical) sociolinguistics and social (and economic) history who seek to explore the processes and forms of both social and geographic mobility, as well as their effects on language variation and change and on evolving literacies in various parts of the world. The chronological scope of the studies presented at the conference covers the period from the introduction of the printing press (c. fifteenth century in Europe) to the present day. Both synchronic and diachronic approaches are welcome.

The conference is motivated by the increase in new material sources that enable access to a broader social scope of informants than has previously been possible, e.g. depositions, pauper letters, emigrant letters. These new sources have opened up interesting possibilities for the investigation of language use in various parts of the world and are often related to socio-economic and socio-cultural processes of industrialization, urbanization and globalization, all of which involve mobility. This conference also offers a platform for new theoretical apparatuses and conceptual tools that are necessitated by the emergence of new material sources. We hope that this conference will bring together scholars studying, not only European contexts, but also a wide variety of languages around the world.

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