On 24 and 25 October, the CLARIN European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) is organising the third edition of the CLARIN Annual Conference. Prof. Jan Odijk (Department of Languages, Literature and Communication) will chair the event, which will take place at Soesterberg.

CLARIN facilitates the access to multilingual and multicultural data for European scientists.  The volume of written and oral texts and visual recordings is growing exponentially. It is often impossible for individual scientists without a technical background to utilise the wealth of digital resources and tools available to them.

Therefore, CLARIN means to advance research in humanities and social sciences by giving researchers unified single sign-on access to a platform which integrates language-based resources and advanced tools at a European level. The platform gives scientists access to an ever increasing database, while avoiding a maze of technical systems and copyright and licensing laws.

The conference

The CLARIN Annual Conference is organised for the humanities and social sciences community, to exchange ideas and experiences on the CLARIN infrastructure. This includes the design and construction of this digital platform, its operation and use, data and services that it contains or should contain and the CLARIN Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure.
Papers about several topics, for instance on research that was carried out with the use of CLARIN, can still be submitted.
Download the Call for Papers (PDF) or visit the website of the conference for more information.