The Digital Project showcase will focus on digital projects related to book history, authorship, and bibliography. These projects may include, but are not limited to, research tools, digital methodologies, (mobile) applications, software, bibliographies, databases, corpora of media or texts, virtual models, websites, e-books, digitization initiatives, and interactive interfaces.

The Showcase will exhibit up to 20 of these projects in a free-form, science fair-like session in which the presenters will be able to share their digital and new media work with an audience of over 300 conference participants. The digital showcase is a unique opportunity to show your research and exchange practical ideas in an informal setting, allowing you to engage interactively with other conference attendees.

This year’s overarching conference theme is Religions of the Book. However, for the Digital Project Showcase any submission on digitalization within the field of book history, authorship, and bibliography will be considered.

The conference will be held in Antwerp (Belgium), Wednesday 17 September through Sunday 21 September 2014. The precise date of the Digital Project Showcase will be announced at a later date on our website.

The Digital Project Showcase is not unlike a poster presentation session, but with a focus on digital aspects/software/hardware. Every presenter should be prepared to address and discuss the following aspects (if applicable):
– What are the origins of your project? What is the central research question?
– What benefits does a “digital approach” have over a “traditional approach” in your research?
– What kind of data have you used?
– What (unexpected) (technical) challenges have you encountered? How have you tackled them?
– How can other book historians and/or bibliographers benefit from your approach?
– What software and/or hardware) have you used?
– What is the project’s outcome? What is its target audience?
– At what institution is the research performed/the project developed?

The organizers look forward to receiving your proposals and project descriptions (up to 400 words). The deadline for submitting proposals is 30 January 2014.

Participants will be expected to provide their own hardware (PCs/Macs, tablets, drives, sound systems, etc.).The conference’s Local Arrangements Committee will provide logistical assistance (tables, chairs, extension cords, Internet access).

Please note that at least one presenting author for each proposal must be(come) a member of SHARP prior to the start of the conference (see

SHARP travel grants are available and speakers will be able to apply once registration for the conference is open.


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