The Finnish Literature Society¬†will host the Society’s 11th annual conference in Helsinki on 30 October to 1 November 2014.

Texts tend to travel across space and time, carried by sound waves, written on parchments and codices, sealed in envelopes and travel trunks, and streaming as bits in the internet. They pass from mouth to mouth, from singers’ performances to scholars’ notes, from stone engravings to printed books, or from writing desks to digital editions.

Sometimes it is possible to trace the trail of a text or a fragment via several phases of transmission. These trails can be, for instance, a part of the genesis of one writing or an editorial history of one literary work, or they can run through a historical text tradition of scribal texts.

The conference seeks to explore all kinds of textual trails from various angles of scholarly editing and textual scholarship. The present call for papers encourages submissions on related topics, such as:

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