Zojuist online: themanummer ‘Scholarly Editing in the 21st Century’, met bijdragen van ‘the leading editors of our time’.

Uit het redactionele vooraf lichten wij de ‘key issues’ die in het nummer aan de orde worden gesteld:

* The most up-to-date archives and editorial projects.
* The history of editing from the pre- to post-Gutenberg eras – differences between manuscript, print, and digital editing.
* The preservation and sustainability of the archive.
* The potential of scholarly interactivity and why we have not fulfilled it.
* The changing status of editors and editorial communities/collaborations and their means of production; the difference between author-centered and sociocentric methods of editing.
* The difference between a text meant to be read with perhaps loving marginalia and that which serves as a research engine with potential for data mining, document visualization, and other industrial metaphors.
* Editing that allows us to read at a distance for global information as well as closely for micro-interpretation; the potential as we migrate to electronic editions for foregrounding critical blindnesses and interpretive acts.

De volgende artikelen zijn de komende acht weken gratis te downloaden op de website van het tijdschrift:

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Arthur F. Marotti, ‘Introduction’, p. 35

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Hans Walter Gabler, ‘Theorizing the Digital Scholarly Edition’, p. 43

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Lynda Pratt, ‘His Days Among the Dead Are No Longer Passed: Editing Robert Southey’, p. 72

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Laura Mandell, ‘A Conclusion’, p. 120

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