De Amerikaanse Association for Documentary Editing kondigt haar volgende congres aan, dat in augustus 2012 zal plaatsvinden in Charlottesville, Virginia.

De Call for Papers luidt als volgt:

The 2012 program theme is “Documentary Democracy,” an appropriate topic for a meeting in Thomas Jefferson’s hometown.  The theme can be applied to the program in two different ways.  First, it can be argued that documents are the essential foundation of modern democratic societies, not just the few famous founding documents but a broad, very diverse body of historical, literary, philosophical, and other documents and works.  Second, the theme concerns the opportunities and challenges presented by the increasing democratization and globalization of documentary knowledge in the expanding digital universe, particularly in regard to access, diversity, technology, and scholarship.

Prospective presenters may focus on either aspect of the theme or both together.  In any case the Program Committee hopes that presenters will interpret our theme as widely as possible.  All ideas are welcome.  We also encourage submissions from solo editors or projects in the early stages of organization.

Abstracts of a maximum of 500 words are due by 1 March 2012.  In a separate paragraph state your name, address, telephone number, email, project, organizational, and/or institutional affiliation, if any, and what audio-visual technology you might need.  Please send abstracts within the body of an email and as an attached Word document to:

2012 ADE Program Committee: Philander Chase, chair; Robert Haggard, Annemarie Kets, Jennifer Stertzer, Vanessa Steinroetter

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